AnyShare-Setting Client cache path fails with the error: This disk does not match



cache、NTFS disk、file system


Applied Versions

· AnyShare 5.0.x

· AnyShare 6.0.x



Unable to set AnyShare Client cache path with the error:

This disk does not match,as cache path should be located in NTFS disk. Please reselect.



Unable to set AnyShare Client cache path.



The current driver of AnyShare Client cache is not NTFS, which is compatible with AnyShare Client only.



To resolve this issue, change target disk to NTFS file system disk, or convert the current drive to NTFS.


Steps to change target disk:

1.Right-click AnyShare icon in the taskbar, select Settings.

2.Select Cache on the left pane, click Browse and select NTFS file system disk for new cache path, then select OK. Click Apply to confirm cache settings. 


Steps to convert file systems.

Note: Before converting file systems, you need to save copies of files to prevent data loss, the operation will reformat or partition the drive.

Please refer to Microsoft Knowledge Base article: Convert a FAT or FAT32 drive to NTFS.


More Information

To get more information about Windows file systems, please refer to Microsoft Support article: Overview of FAT, HPFS, and NTFS File Systems.


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