AnyBackup-VMware advanced backup changed to normal backup mode abnormally



VMware  advanced backup


Applied Versions

· AnyBackup 5.0.x

· AnyBackup 6.0.x



VMware advanced backup changed to normal backup mode,click Job History > Execution Output, then click View Details, you may see the error as below :

Exception occurred when using the NFS advanced backup, which would change to normal backup mode.(error location: ncVMwareBackupExec.cpp:1448).(Additional information: Provider:VMwareNFS, Time:1566285852, ExceptionType:1, ErrorNO:1002, Message:SOAP 1.1 fault: "":ServerFaultCode[no subcode] "An error occurred during host configuration." Detail: , File:/var/JFR/workspace/C_P_VMWAREBACKUP/MY_OS_FULL/Linux_el7_x64/svnrepo/5r/src/cpp/backup/vmware/nfsbackuprestore/NFSDataStore.cpp, Line:214.)



Unable to backup VMs through advanced mode.



This problem may be caused by one of the reasons listed below:

· No mounted volume created;

· No mounted volume records in the file /etc/exports;

· Bad network connectivity between AnyBackup system and ESXi host;



To resolve this issue, please check the configuration of mounted volume and then restart services:

1. Log in to AnyBackup web console, click Device > Volume Management > Add,enter the details (Volume Type, Storage Path and Quota),then click OK.

2. Connect to ESXi host via SSH, run command like below to check the connectivity between AnyBackup system and ESXi host  with port 2049 . 

ssh -v -p 2049  root@ AnyBackup system ip

3. Connect to AnyBackup system via SSH,check if there is mount records exits in /etc/exports and use vi to add a records if there is nothing exits.
For example:


NOTE:  is network segment of vCenter or ESXi host ,24 is subnet mask as a bit. For example, a mask of is equivalent to a /24 network.

4. Run command to restart rpcbind and nfs service.
 service rpcbind restart 
 service nfs restart 

5. Restart VM advanced backup again.


More Information

VM advanced backup mode creates a Mount Volume at first, then mount this volume to ESXi host and transport VM backup data to this mounted volume.When the disaster occurred, it can mount this Mount Volume to ESXi host and power on VM immediately .


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