AnyBackup-VM restores fails with the error: The space of the specified storage <name> is not enough to restore



VMware restore


Applied Versions

· AnyBackup 5.0.x

· AnyBackup 6.0.x



VM restores to ESXi server fails, click Job History > Execution Output ,then click View Details, you may see the following error:

Failed to restore the virtual machine objects.(Error provider: vmwareBackup, error value: e0460018, error location: ncVMwareRestoreExec.cpp:860).(Additional information: The space of the specified storage SSD177 is not enough to restore the whole VM, please select another one to restore.(Error provider: vsphere api 6.0, error value: 1, error location: ncVsphereApi6.0.cpp:893).)



Unable to restore the VM.



The specified storage does not have enough disk space to restore.



Increase the specified storage volume size, and then restart restore.

1. Navigate to the datastore.

2. Right click datastore, select Increase Datastore Capacity.

3. Select a device from the list of storage devices.
Your selection depends on whether an expandable storage device is available.



To expand an existing datastore extent

Select the device for which the Expandable column reads YES.

To add an extent

Select the device for which the Expandable column reads NO.

4. Review the Partition Layout to see the available configurations.

5. Select a configuration option from the bottom panel.
Depending on the current layout of the disk and on your previous selections, the menu items you see might vary.

Menu Item


Use free space to expand the datastore

Expands an existing extent to a required capacity.

Use free space

Deploys an extent in the remaining free space of the disk. This menu item is available only when you are adding an extent.

Use all available partitions

Dedicates the entire disk to a single extent. This menu item is available only when you are adding an extent and when the disk you are formatting is not blank. The disk is reformatted, and the datastores and any data that it contains are erased.

6. Set the capacity for the extent.
The minimum extent size is 1.3 GB. By default, the entire free space on the storage device is available.

7. Click Next.

8. Review the proposed layout and the new configuration of your datastore, and click Finish.


More Information

For more information about VMFS Datastore, please refer to VMware DOC:Increase VMFS Datastore Capacity.


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