AnyBackup-CDM Linux Client service abort unexpectedly while performing Oracle RAC ASM authentication



client service aborted, Oracle RAC ASM


Applied Versions


AnyBackup CDM 7.0.0 - 7.0.5




After performing Linux Oracle RAC ASM authentication, AnyBackup CDM Client shows offline.



AnyBackup CDM client service abort unexpectedly.



AnyBackup CDM Client service installation directory permission is insufficient, as a result,Oracle Grid Infrastructure User grid unable to access this directory and execute command in it. 
AnyBackup CDM Client service installation directory permission requires 775.



Change the permission of AnyBackup CDM client service installation base directory to 755.

1.  Connect the Linux server via SSH.

2.  Log in the Linux server as root.

3.  Change the directory permission to 755.
chmod 755 /eisoo
Note:The actual path may different with the example above.

4.  Start AnyBackup CDM client service.
Linux 6 or below:/etc/init.d/ABClientService start
Linux 7:systemctl start ABClientService.service


More Information

Linux parameter UMASK defines the default permission of a directory when it was created.

UMASK 0022 means directory permission is 755.


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