AnyBackup-Restoring Oracle RAC database to one Single Instance fails with Oracle error code: ORA-01547, ORA-01194, and ORA-01110





Applied Versions

· AnyBackup 6.0.x



When restore Oracle RAC database to one Single Instance, it fails. And under Execution Output window, you can see the errors:

ORA-01547:warning:Recover succeeded but OPEN RESETLOG would get error below

ORA-01194:file 3 need more recovery to be consistent

ORA-0110:data file 3:'/rac-data/df3_sysaux.289.936197289'



Restoring Oracle RAC to one Single Instance fails.


Some of the Archive Logs restoring was failed, therefore Oracle database restoring unable to complete, because it cannot locate these Archieve Logs.


Restore the missing Archive Logs , and then perform media recovery manually.

1.Connect Linux system by SSH, stop AnyBackupClient service.

/etc/init.d/AnyBackupClient stop

2.Open /bin directory under AnyBackup client installation folder.

cd /eisoo/AnyBackupClient/app/bin
Note: The actual path may different with the example above.

3.Add a file using vi oracleEnv.config , add  RestoreOtherClient = Y, and then save, close the file.

4.Start AnyBackupClient service.

/etc/init.d/AnyBackupClient start

5.Use Advanced Recovery to recover Archive Logs to the dedicated path by Oracle.

6.Connect single-instance database by sqlplus,and then run command below:

recover database using backup controlfile until cancel

Then input AUTOit will apply archive logs and perform media recovery automatically.

7.After Media recovery complete,  run command below to open the database.

alter database open resetlogs


More Information

For more informaition of Oracle errors: ORA-01547、ORA-01194、ORA-01110, please refer to Oracle article: Database Error Messages.



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