AnyBackup-File backup job fails on Linux with error message: No space left on device





Applied Versions

· AnyBackup 6.0.x



 AnyBackup file backup job fails with the following error:

Exception occurred during backup.(Error provider: fileBackup, error value: e029000d, error location: ncFileBackupExec.cpp:403).(Additional information: No space left on device (/var/lib/newcore/AnyBackup/localinfodb/{E6D9A273-BDA1-47FF-A031-9802E9372B37} 



 File backup job on Linux failed.



AnyBackup client unable to create file or directory in /var/lib/newcore/AnyBackup/localinfodb. It might be caused by either of the following two reasons:

· There is no enough free disk space in '/'.

· Filesystem inode is 100% full in '/'.



 1. Login to Linux host via SSH,  and then check 'Use%' of of the disk space.

df -h

The example above shows that there is no free spare of '/'. 

To resolve the issue, increase the size of the filesystem, or move some files to other disk to free disk space.


 2. Check uesd inodes in '/'.

df -i

The example above shows that inodes usage is 100%,

To resolve this issue, move some files to other disk, and archive files regularly.


More Information

AnyBackup client save the backup files information in /var/lib/AnyBackup/config/localinfodb for incremental backup.


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