AnyBackup-AnyBackup Client installation fails on Windows with error: The volume driver exists



Client installation、volume driver


Applied Versions

· AnyBackup 6.0.x

· AnyBackup 5.0.x

· EBackup 5.0.x



AnyBackup Client installation fails on Windows, and prompts the following error:

The volume driver exits. If this program has been uninstalled already, please retry the installation program after a system reboot.



AnyBackup Client cannot install on Windows.



AnyBackup Client conflicts with the CDP volume driver installed on the same system.



To resolve this issue, uninstall the CDP volume driver, and then re-install AnyBackup Client.

Warning: Windows system will reboot while uninstalling volume driver.

1. Open Control Panel, select Programs > Programs and Features.

2. In Programs and Features window, right click Windows Driver Package - EISOO CDP Filter Drvier, and then select Uninstall/Change.


3.  On Unintall Driver Package dialog box,click Yes.


4. On AnyBackup 6.0 Client Setup dialog box,click Yes.


More Information

Please unstall pre-existing AnyBackup Client or any other backup software on the Windows system, before you try to install the new AnyBackup Client. It might cause unexpected behavior of the clients.


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