AnyBackup-AnyBackup fails to connect AnyBackup Master Server



Connection failed


Applied Versions

· AnyBackup Master Server 1.0.17 – 1.0.19

· AnyBackup 6.0.12 – 6.0.26



When AnyBackup attemps to connect to AnyBackup Master Server, it fails and report the following error:

 Connection failed.




 AnyBackup console unable to connect to AnyBackup Master Server.



The problems might be caused by either of the following two reasons:

·     There is network connection issue between AnyBackup and AnyBackup Master Server.

·     AnyBackupOpenApiSvc service is stopped, therefore AnyBackup Master Server unable to get the access token of AnyBackup.



To resolve this issue, please check the connectivity between AnyBackup and AnyBackup Master Server, and also ensure AnyBackupOpenApiSvc service is started.

1.Connect AnyBackup system via SSH,and check the connectivity between AnyBackup and AnyBackup Master Server  with port 8080 . Please run command:

wget --no-check-certificate 

Note:In this example , you can see that it is connected to port 8080  on the server with IP 

2. In case if the result returned in step 1 is “connected”, go directly to step 3 and  step 4. In case if the result returned in step 1 is " failed: No route to host ", connect AnyBackup Master Server system via SSH and run commands below:

iptables -I INPUT -p tcp --dport 8080 -j ACCEPT

service iptables save

service iptables restart

3.Connect AnyBackup system via SSH, and then run this command to check status of AnyBackupOpenApiSvc.

service  AnyBackupOpenApiSvc status

In case if status is not running, run this command to start service.

service  AnyBackupOpenApiSvc start

4.Login AnyBackup Console, select Operation > AnyBackup Master Server. Enter the IP of AnyBackup Master Server and leave the default port 8080, then click OK.



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AnyBackup Master Server is a product which gives you the ability to monitor, alert and do operational reporting on AnyBackup.


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