AnyShare New Version 5.0.4 is Available Now

There are up to 23 new features in this latest version and that is difficult to talk about them all in details. We recommend you to read EISOO AnyShare 5.0.4 Release Note to get the details about these new features.


This solution is for enterprises with a hierarchical organization structure or with many branches/offices. Users in different sites can share files to each other and collaborate on the same folder both smoothly and quickly, like they are in the same place. The benefits of this solution are: store files to the closest site, share files cross sites and work on the same page.


 AnyShare can be deployed on customers ’Linux Server directly to make full use of existing resources and reduce the total cost.


 Admin can set quota for general admin of department or organization in this new version.
 My Documents can be enabled, disabled or deleted in this version and admin can set My Documents Quota now.
 Library cannot only be searched by library name; it can also be sorted by name or modify time. Besides, admin can bulk delete libraries in the latest version.
 Admin can upload client upgrade package in AnyShare Console now and do not need upgrade in background.
 Cache can be forced to clear and cache path can be invisible to users in this policy.
 Admin can set policy to limit upload/download file size in specified IP segment.
• When system fails, warning notification can be sent by email.


 The max file upload size in web client is 1GB now.
 File and folder can be moved or copied to specified directory in web client.
 Files can be searched and filtered by time.
 Folder size can be checked in both web and PC client.
 Traditional Chinese language is supported now.
 HTTP and HTTPS proxy can be set and switched in PC client now.
 Cache path can be changed for Windows 8 and above.
 Sync task can be cancelled or paused in this new versio.
 When log in to Windows Client on new machine, you can choose to sync My Documents on new machine or not.
 File tags can be set manually to classify files and files can be searched by file tags. 

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