EISOO AnyBackup Successfully Got the VMware Ready Certification


It cannot be denied that virtualization is being adopted by more and more users, thus virtualization protection has been one of the key indexes in choosing backup products. Being a professional enterprise-grade backup solution, EISOO AnyBackup always pays much attention on virtualization protection, and its features and performance have been authenticated by mass virtualization vendors.

Since the authentication from HUAWEI FusionSphere and H3C CAS, EISOO AnyBackup recently got the official authentication from VMware Ready successfully. This, again, indicates that it can well handle the data protection challenges in the cloud era. The certification is listed as below.

One of the most important reasons why EISOO AnyBackup can get the VMware Ready Certification is that it can effectively ensure the protection performance and efficiency for VMware platform. For the three main problems in VMware protection, namely resource contention, large data amount and low efficiency, AnyBackup can provide wonderful solutions by technologies such as data deduplication, CBT backup, granular recovery, instant recovery, and more.

Backup Efficiency:
 Agentless backup effectively avoids the resource contention, thus enhancing backup performance.
 3rd generation data deduplication never backs up one redundant data. The accumulative data deduplication ratio can reach up to 99%.
 Auto discovery can automatically discovers the increase or decrease of VMs, thus simplifying the maintenance.
 CBT backup backs up the changed data blocks only, thus enhancing the backup efficiency.
 SAN backup enables data transfer in SAN mode, thus greatly enhances the backup speed.
Recovery Efficiency:
 Instant recovery achieves TB level VM recovery in minutes, thus reducing the loss caused by business interruption.
 Granular recovery recovers the lost file data directly, thus enhancing preciseness.
 SAN recovery enables 2x faster recovery than normal mode. 

In addition to the cooperation with virtualization vendors, EISOO AnyBackup has also widen its cooperation with cloud service vendors, database application vendors and OS system vendors to enhance its compatibility and protection capability. It can simultaneously adapt to different kinds of cloud structures, such as private cloud, public cloud and managed cloud.

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