AnyShare Join Hands with Huawei FusionCloud to Deliver Desktop Cloud Solution for Nigeria MTN Group

Recently, EISOO AnyShare join hands with Huawei FusionAccess to build the secure desktop cloud solution for Nigeria MTN Group.
MTN Group, launched in 1994, is a leading emerging markets mobile operator in Africa, which invest significantly in advanced communications networks, connection more than 230.3 million people in 22 countries across Africa and the Middle East.
It has nearly 27,000 employees to offer innovative products and a quality customer experience, with 3116 2G site, 7891 3G site, 5241 LTE site and 1469 km of fiber rolled out.
Since the network in Africa is not stable enough, the data transfer and business continuity are affected to some extent. MTN is considering a new solution to solve the network unstable problem, they want a comprehensive solution to enable data storage, file transfer, easy management and deployment, enabling the business run smoothly even if the network is disconnected.
The overall solution of both Huawei FusionAccess and EISOO AnyShare finally get the recognition of MTN Group, which is a comprehensive solution to ensure central management, data security and business continuity. In this solution, Hua wei FusionAccess is used to manage virtual desktops. And EISOO AnyShare is used to store, manage and control all files access, sharing and collaboration. By integration of FusionAccess and AnyShare, the solution for business security and continuity perfectly solves the challenges of enterprises such as MTN group.
In this solution, FusionCloud Desktop can help MTN to solve the problems of traditional PCs and allows MTN to enhance information security, improve O&M efficiency and create a truly mobile office while improving service reliability. While AnyShare can help MTN to centrally store and control desktop files, offer easy file sharing and flexible collaboration:
• Automatically back up virtual desktop files to cloud and files are stored in 3 copies by default, enabling files are both secure and available.
• If the desktop fails, all the desktop files will not be lost and they are still available in AnyShare.
• When the network is not stable or disconnected, the MTN staffs can still keep on working with AnyShare 
• MTN staffs can securely share files to external customers and easily collaborate with internal colleagues.
In the first stage, there are 1500 AnyShare users will be deployed in MTN Group, mainly for the executive and front-line personals. Let’s look forward to the new phase that AnyShare bring to Nigeria MTN Group!

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