EISOO AnyBackup + SAP HANA Giant-Alliance Powers Digital Transformation


Nov.27th 2018

SAP Global Director and COO visited Partner Adoption Center (PAC) and had a glowing conversation with EISOO VP for win-win alliance, which will further strengthen the deep cooperation between EISOO and SAP.

Win-Win Alliance Talk Between EISOO VP and SAP Global Director

As a pioneer in R&D of data management infrastructures, EISOO has always been engaged in exploring limitless data potentials and powering customers to accelerate their digital transformation.

Early in 2016, EISOO AnyBackup solution passed SAP HANA digital protection authentication, becoming one of the first batch third parties of supporting SAP HAHA platform and passing SAP official authentication. The authentication fully proves the reliability of EISOO AnyBackup solution, and lays a solid foundation for further cooperation on joint innovation for future products and solutions. What’s more inspiring is that the joint solution has been already favoring many customers such as, AUX, Josiny, WAHLAP, CHiNT etc.

Ten-year Sword Polishing only for Safeguarding Your Data Now

EISOO has always been pursuing innovation and optimization in the field of DR disaster recovery. By intermarriage with SAP, AnyBackup will provide you more secure and reliable DR solution for SAP HANA users.

The joint solution is superior in building secure and reliable running environment relying on EISOO 12-year DR technologies of outstanding on-premise backup and deduplication. Furthermore, EISOO AnyBackup all-flash array active-active solution enables business continuity and performance of SAP production system. Data loading speeds up 3 times at least, which indicates that data protection efficiency is enhanced greatly, and mitigates the negative impact brought by BI business.

Additionally, AnyBackup CDM cluster may provide instant business data used for R&D, test, and business verification which effectively shortens development and testing cycles, accelerates innovation and enhances enterprise competitiveness.

EISOO Innovative AnyBackup Data Service Solution for SAP HANA

Prosperous Future

Presently, EISOO and SAP have reached comprehensive consensus on SAP HANA data protection authentication and solutions integration etc. In future, two giants will collaborate more closely to develop integrated and innovative solutions for better satisfying the needs from market and users, and powering more enterprises to realize operational excellence by releasing their data potentials.

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