AnyShare 5.0.7 Released



There are 15 new features and improvements in this release, mainly about the file sharing and access control. We recommend you to read EISOO AnyShare 5.0.7 Release Note to get the details about these features and improvements.


1. File Sharing Approval is available now. If admin has set this policy, all the file sharing in AnyShare should be approved, otherwise files or folders cannot be shared.


2. File link opens can be set to limit the opens and improve the link security.
3. When sharing a folder by link, you can set the Upload permission to allow other to upload files to this folder.


4. Breakpoint upload for files larger than 4M is supported now. You will never worry about the network disconnected when you syncing a large file, as it will continue synchronizing from the breakpoint when network is connected.
5. User access can be restricted by IP address or device. Admin can set the specified IP segment or the device to control the user access.


6. AnyShare Windows Client is high resolution adaptive now.
7. New UI is available for AnyShare Windows Client. There are 4 kind of classification in new version: User Documents (My Documents + Shared Documents), Library, Group Documents, and Archive Library.
8. File analysis is available now. Tags can be automatically added to files in AnyShare based on file analysis. You can also manually add tags for file.  Together with Full-text Search, you can get the files you want both quickly and accurately.



1. Office Plugin can be downloaded from the web access page.
2. Files that you only have preview or display permission will be displayed in windows client, not on the sidebar. It is more user-friendly now.
3. The client crash problem when uploading more than one large/small file has been fixed.
4. File incomplete problem when uploading from breakpoint has been fixed.
5. The log rotation failure problem has been fixed.
6. The 0kb file problem when drag and drop files in web browse has been fixed.
7.  The slow speed problem when preview files smaller than 20M has been fixed.




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