New Features of AnyBackup 6.0.6


New Features

Disaster Recovery Based on VMware ESXi

l   Production server data can be continuously replicated to VMware ESXi.

l   Supports business takeover in the event that production servercrashes.

l   Supports business system exercise.

l   Supports whole server or volume-level browse recovery

l   Supports continuous recovery for whole server or volumes.

l   Supports migration including P2V, V2P and V2V.

Integration with Active Directory Domain Controller

l   All the domain user can own normal administrator role of AnyBackupafter the domain controller is added to AnyBackup.

l   Domain user can log in AnyBackup console.

l   System administrator can modify role and permissions for domainuser.

l   System administrator can delete the domain user.

Blu-ray Archive (D2D2B)

l   Blu-ray archive of file backup data in Blu-ray jukebox fordual-protection.

l   Supports customized archive plan.

l   Supports concurrent execution of multiple archive jobs.

l   Data archived can be downloaded and viewed.

l   Download granularity can be one or more files, directories.

l   When downloading files to specified path, the old files with thesame name can be replaced or skipped.

l   Supports archiving data in Windows, Linux and AIX.

Regular Backup and Recovery for CNware

l   Supports full backup and incremental backup.

l   Supports auto discovery of data source.

l   Supports deduplication for CNware backup and recovery.

l   Supports backup data storage and transmission encryption.

l   Supports customized backup policy, including backup plan, dataretention copies and more.

l   Virtual machine can be restored to specified path.

l   Multiple virtual machines in one job can be restored.

l   Virtual machine can be restored to another name.

LAN-Free Backup and Recovery

l   Supports LAN-Free backup and recovery for H3C CAS.

l   Supports deduplication, storage and transmission encryption, backupplan and policy, specified path recovery and more.

Continuous Backup

l   Supports continuous backup for file system, Oracle, SQL Server and Sybase.

l   Supports browse recovery.

l   Supports instant recovery.

l   Supports resumable data transfer.

l   Supports historical time retention policy.

GBase/Dameng Backup and Recovery

l   Supports full backup, incremental backup and differential backup forGBase.

l   Supports full backup and incremental backup for Dameng.

l   Supports browse recovery.

l   Supports auto discovery of data source.

Enhanced Features

Customized Script for Regular Backup

l   Supports specified script execution before or after backup.

l   Supports customized script for all the regular backup jobs createdon physical server.

FusionSphere Backup and Recovery

l   Supports deduplication in regular backup and recovery for FusionSphere.

H3C CAS Backup and Recovery

l   Compatible with H3C CAS 3.0.

l   H3C CAS virtual machine backed up to AnyBackup media can bereplicated to offsite by remote replication.

l   CAS virtual machine can be restored directly from offsite.

l   Supports reverse replication to restore CAS virtual machine fromdestination to local media server.

Operating System (OS) Backup and Recovery

l   Supports deduplication in regular backup and recovery for OS.

l   OS data replicated to destination end can be directly restored.

Tape Archive (D2D2T)

l   Supports tape archive for Domino, FusionSphere and Exchange DAG.

SQL Server Backup and Recovery

l   SQL Server recovery exercise can be executed automatically by autorecovery policy.

l   Customized script can be executed before or after recovery based onyour needs.

Oracle Backup

l   Supports archive log backup for Oracle, Oracle HA, and Oracle RAC.

Oracle RAC Backup and Recovery

l   Supports tablespace recovery for Oracle RAC to improve recoveryefficiency.

VMware Backup and Recovery

l   Supports virtual machine filtering for large VMware platform.

l   Filter dimensions include virtual machine, resource pool, directoryand host.

l   The excluded data source can be previewed.

Tape Backup (D2T)

l   Supports tape backup for file system.

l   Supports to customize data source, data transmission encryption and customizedscript execution.

l   Supports data source filtering by type, time, directory andspecified files.

l   Supports customized backup plan.

MySQL Cloud Disaster Recovery

l   Compatible with MySQL 5.6 under CentOS 6.5.





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