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File Lock


Starting from 6.0.6 release, AnyShare file locking mechanism abort the auto lock, which is replaced by manual lock, displaying superior advantage:

· Supports lock, unlock, and grab lock in various terminal.

· Locking files on demands.

· Supports all file types, and the file owner can grab edit permission (grab lock).

1. Lock a file: Pick the file you want to lock (make certain you have edit permission for it),then find and click the Lock icon at the bottom of the sidebar. The locked file shall be opened as read-only by others.

2.  Unlock a file: After editing complete, you shall close the locked file and click the unlock icon at the bottom of the sidebar to make the file editable.

3. Grab Lock: Your owned files may be locked by some other permission-possessed users. If you want to edit the locked files, you can click the grab lock icon at the bottom of the sidebar. The locking status will be updated in the Attributes.




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